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Thread: I have a Tsuba and I was hoping someone can help with information about it .

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    Question I have a Tsuba and I was hoping someone can help with information about it .

    First let me say , any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated .My father returned from being in Japan during the
    service in the 40s . He brought back some swords which I believe he purchased while in Japan . In the early 70s he sold the
    swords and when someone had come to look at the swords the person took the handles off . While cleaning out my fathers'
    place recently I found the following item . It appears to be a Tsuba made by a student of soten school , this I am not sure
    of so that is why I am asking here .I have pictures of the front and back and the signatures appear to be clear , but to me
    I have no idea who the signer is .Again thank you for your time in looking and any help you may offer .
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    a larger, more detailed picture would be helpful.

    the top two characters on the left do appear to be "so-ten," and the rest of the kanji appears nearly identical to this piece:

    see also:

    and the paragraph on soten midway down here:

    the question then seems to be whether this is a latter day soten of inferior quality. it's hard to tell in the picture, but the work looks rough to me. see my PM for additional advice.

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