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Thread: French Short Sword ID ???

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    French Short Sword ID ???

    I've got this sword from a client that I need to sell and it seems relatively common - a Civil War French Short sword. But I need to be more sure if possible. I've noticed most of these swords have a date on them. This one, however, has the number 1028 which I figure is some sort of manufacturer number. Furthermore, it's not in the best of condition. I've attached some photos. Any help out there?
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    Manufactured in Paris France, 1831 pattern, the number is a weapon or rack number. Known as the "cabbage chopper".
    They are numerous and it is best to find one in good condition with scabbard.
    Forum rules prevent valuations, and besides using just pictures will not give a good enough indication of value.

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    Thank you. I knew I would not receive any valuation information, just need identification. That is pretty much what I thought, I just needed to be sure. Thanks!

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    Appears to be the stamp of the manufacturers 'Talabot,Paris' and an arsenal acceptance stamp which I can't make out.
    Niall Dignan


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