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Thread: Bayonet with locking scabbard ID help

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    Bayonet with locking scabbard ID help

    I have not a clue about this bayonet and scabbard. All I can figure out is that the scabbard is probably not the one that goes with the bayonet since the numbers differ. There is a slight marking on the blade but I can't quite make it out, it appears to be a letter. The bayonet scabbard locks into place with a spring button.
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    you have a Norwegian M1894 Knife bayonet. Page 215 of JA Maddox book "Collecting Bayonets" I think you are correct that the scabbard for a different bayonet.

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    Lightbulb Norge bayonets

    It is the correct scabbard, but post war issue for the M 1894 bayonets converted to fit on the US M-1 Rifle by Norway. Or it is just one that someone added the loop to, as the originals were in a leather frog that was more or less slipped over the scabbard and retained by a stamped out flange that engaged a slot in the leather. There are a lot of variations in the Norwegian post war scabbards and bayonets...I gave up trying to figure them all out!!



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