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Thread: FS: Mumei Koto Wakizashi in new polish

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    FS: Mumei Koto Wakizashi in new polish

    Hello Gents,

    Up for sale I have a mumei Koto wakizashi, Blade is in new full polish, new tsuka with Edo period iron fuchi, carved with waves and gold dots. Copper menuki of men in boats, carved iron tsuba with gold and copper dots. New gold silk ito and same, horn kashira. New saya with red Japanese lacquer. New copper habaki and seppa.

    Blade: 18 13/16", OAL 24" Length mounted in saya 27 1/2" Sori: 15/32" Motohaba 1", Sakihaba 3/4". Hamon: Midare with chogi in nioi. Boshi: Somewhat midare with hakkake. Hada: Mokume. Nakago: Suriage, two mekugi ana. One kanji, Kore, still present. I think this blade possibly Kaga and one of the KoreMitsu smiths.

    Has no fatal flaws. There are a few tiny pits and some larger ware that the previous owner could not polish out due to the severely rusted state that the sword was in. To some it up, It does have some cosmetic problems, however it still has some nice features to study and really more good then bad. Would make a really nice starter Nihonto for a budding collector.

    Asking $700 shipped CONUS OBO. Paypal only please.

    FYI, pics are a little misleading the tsuka ito color is more of an olive. I added a matching himo style sageo as well (not pictured).
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    More pics....
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    & more pics...
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    Do you mind if I ask whom was the previous owner?
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    It was purchased from a fellow named John Diprizio at

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    Also interested in full or partial trade for modern production katana, however just to be clear, I am not interested in trading for several low end pieces. No disrespect guys, I just don't want PM's asking if I'll trade for 6 or 7 production beater swords.


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