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Thread: FS :wakizashi przemek O-kissaki

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    I am very pleased Steve you like it
    soon'll show cool wakizashi with differential quenching suguha

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    Anyone considering one of Przemek's blades, do not hesitate.
    I purchased the katana and it is an amazing blade, very healthy geometry yet a lively feel, gorgeous hamon and sugata, amazing edge. The man has a great sense of proportion and this blade scores among the best I have owned. Delivery after payment was less than one week.
    Highly recommended.

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    Agree, love my tanto! Wish I had the funds...

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    wakizashi and tanto suguha still available

    reduced price only until the end of the week for wakizashi

    $ 800
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    and one pic of the new W1 wakizashi which I wrote before I pay $ 500 cash to continue to collect new workshop
    nagasa 51 cm
    motohaba 32mm
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    still has one day to the end of a price reduction

    on Monday, price wakizashi o-kissaki in shirasaya will be $ 1,500 and you will not be reduced

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    Very pleased with my new wakisashi! really lovely work Przemek, thanks, heading up to be a lovely custom daisho....

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