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Thread: Need help identifying year of Carl Eickhorn M1902 Officer Sword (I think)

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    Need help identifying year of Carl Eickhorn M1902 Officer Sword (I think)

    I seem to have stumbled into sword research when I found this sword and scabard in my basement. Engraved with floral design, eagle (across the width, not length, of the sword), E Pluribus Unum, and an intertwined U.S.. I think I've figured out that it's an (early?) Carl Eickhorn US Army M1902 Officer's Sword. But I am hoping someone might know when it might have been manufactured, since I haven't seen any examples online of this type of sword and that type of C.E. marking.

    I'm posting some photos. I've increased the contrast in some of them so you can see the engravings better.

    I've learned so much from this forum, so thanks in advance for any help you can give!

    [Note: I edited this post because alll I'm really interested in is the age of the sword.]
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    A. Stewart. If you will read the sticky at the top of the first page, "using this forum" you will find that members cannot offer evaluations. Also do not be surprised if you do not get many answers due to you stating that you intend to sell it. Regards
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    Thanks, Rob, I missed that. But what is an evaluation? I saw a number of threads helping to identify the age and origin of swords, which is what I'm trying to do.

    I don't care about the value, actually, I may end up giving it to a family member who is going into the Army. I'm more interested in the age due to the early-seeming Carl Eickhorn mark (from what I can gather, but I'm a newbie.)


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    That is, indeed, a Carl Eickhorn mark.

    I don't think it's "early", but IMO it's pre-WWII. Dating commercial M1902s is very difficult, but I'd swag 1930s.

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    Sean is correct that this particular marking is generally considered to be from the time of the Weimar Republic. These early US M1902 Army Officer Sabers make much better gifts for a serving officer than the more cheaply made new ones.
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    This site lists 255 marks including yours. you may have to contact them for a date period.

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