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Thread: Rick Barrett Daisho in Shira Saya

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    went well but will be a 7-8 week tweek in hospital from now on with a big one annually. anyway thanks for the notes from a fe of you.

    Bump. Surprised these are still available.

    Wheni I win the big powerball tonight, I will withdraw these so get them now!


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    Hi all sorry for anyone waiting on picture sort. Had another spinal procedure 14? 15? lost count.

    Anyway if you go to this site you should see folders with more pics of all the blades. I just dumped them there, are un edited etc. if you see one that is misplaced sorry best I can manage right now


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    Just thought that I would let everyone know that Bill is a great guy to deal with, he answered all of my questions even though he was very ill. I did talk to Rick about these and he thought that they were a steal.

    Bump for a great guy and deal

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    Bump, back in hospital May 6th would be nice if someone was home admiring these while I was in a hospital bed.

    will still do partial swap for immediately saleable high end goods, will only be selling them, not enough of me left to do much personal stuff



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    bump, feeling good hospital went well
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    Hi Bill. What katana is the one with the blue sageo?

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    Hi, it was a mumei Koto Katana in pretty unsual mounts, sold it a while ago though. Have some info on it and the fellow who took it, really niceguy was researching it as it was both an interesting blade, the saya and the mountings were all very interesting. If it was curiosity more than the sale, 'll look for the research he's done

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    Well, im kinda more interessted on the one katana you sell with mountings and saya. Just csnt find the right pictures. Maybe dou could post some direct links?

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    this has the hitatsura Shinto blade in mountings


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    Prayer coming up right now! With God, all is possible!
    Tray Crocker

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