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Thread: Sword display question

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    Sword display question

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of constructing a cabinet to display the 1796 light cavalry swords I own.

    The swords will be displayed horizontally (see image below).

    I want the swords to appear to float so the issue I have is what to use to rest them on.

    Anyone faced a similar issue or have any links to solutions?

    I guess some sort of perspex peg might work but there might be a more invisible solution.

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    Kind Regards, Ben

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    In the past I have used bent spoons for this. You make flat the bowl part and drill for a couple of screws. The handle part is bent like an S and you put the sword on two of those.

    I also think it has been discussed in the forum the use of magnets, specially neodymium, and if they cause any problems to the steel.
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    If you rotated the complete display, can do this with the photo, then minimal retaining hooks or pegs are required with nothing supporting the blade. Hilts up, point down.
    One other way is to use thin strong wire and drill small holes through the backboard for the wire to be attached to. This way does not allow easy removal.

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    I have a couple of ways. I once used fishing line to hold things up. It's strong enough & does a good job. The drawback was that it was a hassle to take then down.

    What I have now is some home made plexiglass mounts. I used a heat gun to bend them. It was a bit time consuming, but works well.

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