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Thread: Can someone help me identify this eagle head sword

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    Can someone help me identify this eagle head sword

    i have attached a few pictures showing the sword, the eagle head,
    >and the markings-
    >the 2 pictrues of the markings are great pics, but still unreadable
    >to me, as i have no knowledge in this area of collectible- hopefully
    >u can make out enough of the marking to know what it says in full-
    >the sword measures almost 22" from end of eagle head handle to tip of blade-
    >the blade itself is 16 3/4"-
    >the handle appears to be a wood, with the eagle and the piece at
    >other end of handle appears to be a brass-the widlth of the blade at
    >the widest point by the handle is 1 1/8"-
    >thanks for any help you can provide
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    Hello Stuart,
    You have the remnants of a hunting sword from the mid-late 1700s. Going by the style of the eagle head and blade, I'd hazard a guess and say that it may be French.
    Hope this is a little bit of help.


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