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Thread: Can someone please help me to identify this WW2 Samurai sword

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    Can someone please help me to identify this WW2 Samurai sword

    Hi , Great forum you have here, I was hoping someone could help me out . I have been asked by my Units museum staff to find some info on the sword below . I think it is a second world war Samurai sword . I was told it was picked up by a serviceman who went to Korea and I would like to find the info so we have more of a story to go with it while its on display in the museum . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Cheers Anthony
    P.S. I appologise I have taken some of the pics upside down
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    Hi Anthony,

    This is a standard WW II Japanese army officers sword. It is dated 1943 but I can't make out the signature. It is unlikley to be a skilled swordsmith as by that time most swords were being semi mass produced. It's not really correct to call it a Samurai sword as the Samurai were the warrior class in earlier times and anybody could have become an officer in the army in the 20th Century.


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    Welcome to SFI Anthony. As Chris stated above your sword is a standard WWII period Japanese Army Officer sword. Specifically, it is called a "Type 98 Army Shin-gunto" in Japanese Army nomenclature. The scabbard suspension configuration was changed on 31 May 1938 (Showa 13) going from two rings to one as seen on your sword. So your sword was made in 1943 and is of a type that was manufactured from 1938-1945.

    I hope this information is helpful for your museum research.

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    Hi , Chris and George , Thanks for your responses they are very helpful and the museum staff will be greatful to hear about the information you have supplied about this sword .This is a great site you have here and I am sure I will be back to ask more questions in the near future as the museum has quite a few swords ranging from the boar war upto the second world war and the information you have supplied will help us to give a more indepth story to the tour groups that visit our small museum .I have included a couple of pics of some of the other swords we have in the museum to show you what we have again the info you supplied is very much appreciated . Thanks Anthony Name:  IMAG0112.jpg
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    nice collection and very good of you to help describe the collection more accurately !


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