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    A pair of dhas...

    I recently came across a pair of dha type swords and I'd like to try to get some confirmation as to whether they are "real" or just tourist trade pieces. The swords are matching in decoration about 49" long sheathed, the blades being 29" in length. The horn hilts are supposed to be elephant ivory. The story is that they were brought back from SE Asia in the early 60's by a member of the US State Dept. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looks legit to me, there where many things given from both nations..there is even a book
    normaly there would be some paperwork with the swords.
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    These dha are of Lao manufacture and date from the late 20th C. They are made in the style of much earlier daab from Laos, and there are a few of these recently made ones around that come up on auction sites from time to time. The hilt is made from ivory tusk and there is quite a lot of silver on these swords and scabbards. Their price has gone up in recent years as more SE Asians collectors are acquiring swords to remind them of their distinguished pasts.

    Compared with antique examples, the modern versions tend to be quite a bit heavier and would probably fair less well in an actual sword duel than the originals.

    I purchased one of these modern versions about 15 years ago but unfortunately I don't have an antique one. I have had the privilege of handling a 19th C example, and it was a beautifully balanced sword compared with its modern version.


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