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Thread: Forn.. iteration #004

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    Forn.. iteration #004

    This sword has been a thorn in my side for months. This is the fourth and final version.. and I'm finally happy. I couldn't come to terms with the blocky type C that was on it before and then I realized that it was the length relative to the narrow width at the guard that was really hurting my eyes. So I reduced the blade length to 26" for a total length of 31" and a weight of exactly 2 pounds. It now feels AMAZING in the hand. Honestly this is first Viking age sword that I've handled that is truly a joy to me.

    The type G guards are piled and deeply etched 1095/1045 and the grip is some ancient walrus leg bone that I picked up at Blade Show. The pommel nut is bronze with punched dot rings.

    This sword is now entered into a juried invitational art exhibit in Connecticut at the Guilford Art Center and will be available there for viewing and purchase for a month or so July/August.

    Scott A. Roush... bladesmith at Big Rock Forge
    For recent work and what's on the bench:

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    great work, Scott!

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