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Thread: Need Help Identifying Old Sword

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    Need Help Identifying Old Sword

    Hello, I am new to the community and I require help identifying an old sword I recently inherited from my Grandfather.

    Historical Info: The sword was acquired by my Great-Grandfather sometime during World War I. He served in the American Army as a Private, ruling out the possibility of it being an American Officer Sword. Ido not know any details of his deployment area or battles he may have participated in.

    Specifications: It has a blade length of 77.5 cm/30.5 in. The hilt design is as follows:

    Guard Top View:
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    Hilt/Guard Side Views:
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    The entire sword:
    Name:  IMG_0039.jpg
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    Any assistance is appreciated. Thank You.

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    It looks like you have a Model 1850 foot officer's sword (used by officers up to the rank of Captain). Could be Ames manufacture looking at the pommel, guard and quillion. I do not see a splice in the knucklebow, is there one? The shark skin join is slightly off for Ames; should be on the left curving maybe an import?

    Or, it could be a european French model 1845.

    Can you see any etching on the blade or marks down by the ricasso.

    Either way, I believe the sword predates WWI and given the American connection, could possibly be from the US Civil War.
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    Thank you for the input Simon. To answer your questions, no there is no splice in the knuckle-bow, nor are there any etchings or markings on the blade. Although the whole sword is very rusted.

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    Thank you Simon, after looking at pictures, I have confirmed that it is an Ames Model 1850 Foot Officer's Saber. Thank you to Simon for identifying it. How the hell my Great-Grandfather got it in WWI I may never know...

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