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Thread: Khazar Swords?

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    Khazar Swords?

    Hello! First post here.

    I am interested to know whether anybody has information on swords/knives of Khazaria, roughly 9th century (although I would be interested to see examples from any period). Searching online, I have found very little, and am wondering whether there are any museum collections or published books that would contain images.

    Thank you!


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    Given the mobility of the steppes people I supose they could have quite similitud to magiar sables of that century. Several in a collection were auctioned by Hermann Historica some 6 years ago. Catalogue shall be online. A relative is the so called Charlemagne saber (not Joyeuse).
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    I vbelieve there were many photos of Hazar kilijs in the catalogue of Furussiya Collection. Maybe you can find the book on your local library.
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