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Thread: US Navy Cutlass Ship # and sword ID help.

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    US Navy Cutlass Ship # and sword ID help.

    Hello All.

    First I would like to thank everyone for all the past help. I can't believe how much knowledge there is out there. Now for an interesting one. I have several Civil War US Naval Cutlasses made by Ames and so marked and I know that the other markings are ship # and rack #. One of mine is marked 12M 606. Does anyone know if there is a list of those ship # or if this might make a good research project to fill my idle time. I am sure that somewhere in the vast US Naval archives there has got to be some kind of inventory.

    Also, Here is a sword I picked up in a trade that I can't find a thing on ANY ideas?

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    Hi Richard,

    If the 12M606 is on the brass bucket guard of an 1860 Ames cutlass, it is the serial number. This model was one of the few to be issued with a serial number. The M indicates one thousand and there were approximately 22,000 produced. The first 600 were not numbered and there was also a batch that went to the army, I'm not sure if these were numbered or not. So the range is 601 to 22M001, although there have been higher numbers reported, so it is not exact. Most of the production took place in 1862 with only 3000 or so made in 1861 so that dates yours to 1862.
    Hope that helps, regards David.


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