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Thread: Help Identifying Sword

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    Help Identifying Sword

    This sword has been in my family's possession for as long as I can remember. It definitely looks as though it is from the Civil War era. The interesting thing is that I am a distant relative of William Tecumseh Sherman and it is rumored (in my family) that it may have come from him. I am not expecting that to be the truth, but just some information regarding the sword. Thanks!

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    Hi Bryan

    Welcome aboard

    It may be that Sherman owned more than one sword but his Ames made staff and field sword is in the Smithsonian Museum

    Horstmann was a retailer/fabricator and imported entire swords as well as parts.

    The time period and type is true to that war. I would take the family story with a large grain of salt unless there is more evidence linking him to the sword. It is surely a sword of the type he carried at one point in his career.


    Hotspur; is there a crowned king's head mark on the other side of the blade?

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