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Thread: Help: Mystery Sabre?

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    Help: Mystery Sabre?

    Hello All,

    I bought a mystery sword from a friend for $10 and was wondering if you could help me Identify it? My bud found it at a yard sale where a guy was selling it with a bunch of old stuff. I tried looking it up on the search engines but could not find anything exactly like it. I guess my goodle-fu isn't strong enough. Anyway, It looks like some sort of military sabre to me as its very basic looking and doesn't seem to have any designs of any kind on it. I found some barely visible stamp marks on the back of the blade near the guard that looks like "AK. AK." I think.

    It pretty rusty and the blade has some rust pitting on it. It also looks like someone whacked something with it because the blade is slightly bent and there is a nick in the edge. The handle looks like it had leather wrap on it, but its fallen off. The whole thing feels pretty solid though. The handle doesn't seem to have looseness to it at all although I'm able to move the bottom of the hand guard a little.

    Here are some pictures if it helps.
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    Sadly its missing its scabbard(if it ever had one). Could it be possible to find another one for it? And I apologize if I'm not using proper terminology. I know very little about swords at the moment(still learning).

    Any advice or opinions are appreciated

    Thank you.

    Dale P.

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    It looks a lot like the British 1796 light cavalry sabre to me. This type was also used by the Prussian Army and some others, so armoury marks are your friend here. A very nice piece to have for the money...... Re getting a scabbard, picking one up that would fit would be like winning a lottery, hand made blades always differ just enough in the curve. You can get them made, but you would pay a lot more than you did for the sword. There is a lot of advice on the site here about restoration and maintenance so have a good trawl of all the threads.... and when in doubt of what to do... don't do anything!

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