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Thread: FS - Stunning Przemek O-Kissaki Wakizashi and Tanto - UK

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    FS - Stunning Przemek O-Kissaki Wakizashi and Tanto - UK

    Sad times as redundancy beckons, therefore I am liquidating a few prized assets, one is my stunning 'mini' daisho from Przemek.

    I'd kept an eye on his work for a long time as this was one of the nicest pieces i'd ever seen come out of his workshop. They are gorgeous displayed together with the usual flamboyant hamon and strong lines. Both W1 monosteel with copper habaki and beech shirasaya.

    I'll let the pics do the talking....

    I know he's not producing much at the moment and those that he is doing are appreciating in value now (well done Przemek!). Hope I don't live to regret this too much but it's a luxurious possession I can't justify at the moment.

    Looking for a round £1000 for the pair.

    Kind regards

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    I'm not in the market now due to having one custom project in the works along with two restorations, but these are phenomenal.
    It is a shame that you need to let these beautiful artworks out of your life.
    Best to you and yours.

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    Cheers John, they are indeed stunning in the flesh.

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    beautiful pictures
    how you did it?

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    Beautiful swords! I really never saw better by you - I am sure there are fantastic things to come!

    Pictures were nothing difficult, just had them on the stand by the window and took some photos in the soft light.

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    Beautiful swords, fantastic photos and gorgeous polish! I have a full set of his swords and am saving money to get them mounted. I purchased one off of ebay, one from a fellow forum member and another directly from the smith. Przemek is a solid swordsmith who makes a good sword at affordable prices and is someone you can trust, all the way from Poland! If available separately please let me know.

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    Quick bump for any offers before I start listing elsewhere too. cheers!

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    Getting a bit short of cash so a 1 time reduction here guys - £850...

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    Could you recommnd someone, possibly in europe, who could mount them?

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    the Netherlands
    337 He works together with Przemek and does a great job.
    I had my old gunto polished by Przemek and mounted by Arek, number 317 on his works(Prace) page



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    Another bump....

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    Christmassy up...

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    Tough crowd.... Need to release some cash, £750 for both, that's basically the Tanto for free!

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    Kartsujinken Magazine yay! I own one of Przemek's Wakizashi's, it a beautiful piece, highly recommended sword smithing.
    Mugai Ryu Meishiha Iaihyodo.....U.S. Battodo Federation.....Owner Katsujinken Magazine....Head instructor Hissho Kai Dojo,

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    Thanks Jason

    Still here.....

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    Found some of the original photos of these actual swords being made, great bit of provenance and legacy to go with it!

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    Will throw in the lovely oak katana kake in the top pics, lovely display item and was £80 on it's own....
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    Still here at £750 all in with the stand, no more reductions as I'm through the mire now and would rather keep them than give them away, especially seeing the new prices coming through...

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    Another bump

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    Mental. Just don't get why these are still here...

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    Right, last effort here then I'm going to pull it and try elsewhere -

    £700 the pair.

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    I may be interessted. Who did the polishing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Gegenhuber View Post
    I may be interessted. Who did the polishing?
    That's Przemek too! I know it takes him ages so he's switched to selling unfinished blades now for the most part.

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    Can you state some dimensions? Also is the wak a beefy cutter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Gegenhuber View Post
    Can you state some dimensions? Also is the wak a beefy cutter?
    All PMs replied to

    And dims as follows : (wak is not what I'd call a heavy duty blade, it's very well balanced but still very solid)

    Tanto -
    Nagasa (to front of habaki...) 250mm
    Width at habaki - 30mm
    thickness at habaki - 7mm

    Nagasa (to front of habaki...) 510mm
    Width at habaki - 30mm
    thickness at habaki - 6.5mm
    length of kissaki - 63mm
    width at kissaki - 22mm
    thickness at kissaki - 4mm

    Hope that helps.
    Kind regards

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