Announcing the return of "Fencing on the Frozen Tundra, "an Open Foil & Dueling sword Tournament!

Who? All are welcome! Fencers may enter either or both events. Everyone's welcome to watch.
When? 12 April Saturday (plus an all-day Open Sala workshop Sunday the 13th!)
Where? On campus at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After taking a couple years off from hosting tournaments here in the midwest, we're delighted to offer a venue for friendly competition with one & all again. Originally conceived and carried out by my colleague Sean Newton in 2010, following a tradition of CFS competitions going back over a decade, our first "FotFT" enjoyed great success, with a strong showing of fencers. For the second iteration, we moved the event to our Marquete Univ. sala d'armi, and were honored by distinguished competitors traveling from as far as Florida!

As in our previous several events we construe 'Dueling sword' as broadly as possible, ecumenically to include any late rapier or smallsword fencers, as well as classical epeeists. Any traditional variety of fleuret, fioretto, florete -- French, Italian, Spanish, or any historical 'scuola mista' (mixed-school) -- will do just fine for the 'Foil' event.

For more details (rules, registration, etc) please see here:

Feel free to 'like' our M.U. group's little facebook page:

To learn more about the CFS and our practice of traditional Italian swordsmanship, please visit the websites of our sister schools:

Ryan Mank, Provost at Arms, founder & head instructor of Red Sun Classical Fencing in ABQ, NM, our special guest & co-host for this particular competition

And our point of origin, David Achilleus, Director of sala d'armi Trovare di Spada in St Louis, MO: