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Thread: FS: martial arts DVD/VCD's

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    FS: martial arts DVD/VCD's

    Selling as a whole various disc's. Some sword related.
    Selected examples: Shaolin mantis two handed sword
    Pigua Miao dao routines 1 and 2
    Mizong double jian
    Mizong pudao
    Mizong double headed spear
    Cloud demon style Miao Dao
    Mei Hua and Taiji mantis two handed sword
    Shang style xing yi 5 element and Liu he jian and dao
    Pan Lung style jian
    Wudang pine and stream style Rainbow jian and dragon shaped fist
    Chen style jian applications
    FCS kali panantukan vol 1-3
    eBay copy I bought of Terry Gibsons Maphilindo Silat vol 1-6
    Ken Gullette xing yi 5 element and Chang bagua
    Joanna Zorya xing yi and martial rotations
    Defensor Method takedowns
    Ken Gullette xing yi straight sword
    Jason Tsou random circles
    Sun style snowflake saber with applications
    Kenny Perez two handed jian
    Gladius 101
    Wan Lai Sheng jian with applications
    Yan Qing saber with applications
    PCK silat Sera seminar

    And a bunch of others. Wife says "gotta go" Selling the whole box for $100 Paypal only. Shipping included. US only.
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