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Thread: 18 year old Chinese sword mystery

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    18 year old Chinese sword mystery

    Hi everyone I hope someone can help.
    My brother has had the sword pictured below since about the mid 90's and we have always wondered as to what it is or used for. It was originally obtained from a guy who thought it was a good idea to clean the sword himself as it was covered in a pretty thick layer of blue green crud. I'm assuming that isn't a good move as it left a few scratches, however it did reveal some of the characters on the sword. There seems to be some faint worn off characters on the handle as well. Its about 900mm / 3ft long.

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    It's an ornament. Either just for decoration, or possibly for feng shui. Blue green crud would have been due to it being aritifically aged.

    It isn't a replica of a Chinese bronze sword - this has the blade shape and pommel of a more modern steel jian, but is cast in brass. The guard is a fantasy design. The writing is an old style of Chinese writing called "bird script", which is found on Chinese Bronze Age bronze things (sometimes, not always). So it's a mix of elements of Chinese swords drawn from almost 2000 years, plus so fantasy stuff.
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