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Thread: A Question for DR.Khorasani

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    A Question for DR.Khorasani

    DR.Khorasani ELSALAMO ALEKOM sorry to call you out like that on the forum. i hope that does not upset you.i know you are quite a busy man so i will try to keep it short.
    i am interested in learning middle eastern fencing style(as i from Egypt originally)and i know that the Persian history is so inter weaved in our communities (i mean the whole middle east) that it is hard to separate the Arabic from islamic or middle eastern or even north african. as i notice from reading your comments about sword origins on the forum.(Egypt is a mix of all of them) so Mr.Bacchus Davis recommend to send you an email and ask you if you know any one in NY Metro Area that teaches the Persian or Turkish or any of the Islamic fencing art.
    i know you have a great book that describe in details wrestling, knives and sword technique.but i am more of hands on type of man.i am willing to buy it as soon as i have enough money to get it.i need to get the whole collection to be it cheaper from the publisher website than Amazon?well thank you for your help
    .Best Regard

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    Hi again, Mr. Gaber!

    Sorry to hijack Manouchehr and your thread, mate.

    I just saw a fellow Mamluk enthusiast and a friend I respect having a chat, so I thought I'd join!

    Actually, I thought I'd direct you (Mr. BGaber) to a very helpful website, for what it is. Have a look, mate, and apply these things. I realise that the Archery may be more difficult to practice if you have no experience, but I have a close mate from Turkey who teaches me these things, so there are people out there. This link is pretty much the go-to translation for how Mamluks trained:

    Tell me how it goes.

    And congratulations, Manouchehr, my bro... 35 years yesterday! Great for Iran!

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    Hi again,Mr. Bennison.
    no need for an apology my have always been a gentleman and very informative person.
    being in urban city my choices is quite i find more than expected clubs that teaches long sword fencing style.not quite what i am looking for.but i thought footwork and strikes is going to be about the same. ya?
    i was about to opt for that.then some standard style fencer(on suggest to learn historical saber fencing,he suggest to take like 6 classes or so and get the basic cuts and foot works taught to me, then i have to practice on my own.GREAT ADVISE i think.
    as for Archery i have seen a guy on youtube construct a bow from PVC pipe made Turkish,mongol and long bow.tested couple to 160 feet/sec with them.Archery is always been on my mind.i guess if i ever move to other state where i could have a space i would peruse all that.let see what the future has hidden for me.

    the link you provided is been on my bookmarks for the longest time.i think it was the one the triggered(or RE-triggered i would say) all these interest in Mamluk a person raised in Egypt i have seen quite a lot of mamleek movies and actual castles .i could tell you all the history i learned from movies over in egypt was quite inaccurate.well too many interests,not enough money or TIME when you have a family.well thankx again, is always good talking to you buddy.

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    Thanks Mr. Gaber and thanks N. If you wish to get the whole collection send me a pm please. Please note that I am involved in many projects and hence I do not answer very fast, but I try to do my best. My team and I will be teaching Razmafzar in 12 different countries this year alone. If you are interested let me know and we can organize a seminar in youir area. Thanks you.

    Kind regards


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