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Thread: FS: Couple Saya, tsuba, menuki ect.

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    FS: Couple Saya, tsuba, menuki ect.

    Up for sale I have more koshirae....

    First, two saya, one green/gold/black speckled with all horn components, new and unfitted. Measures (approx) 30", .70" sori, 1.75" width (mune to ha), asking $50 shipped. One blue metallic with all horn components, gently used, measures (approx) 31.25", .70" sori, 1.75" width (mune to ha), asking $50 shipped.

    Two tsuba, one iron or steel Yagyu, new and unfitted, asking $25 shipped, one used steel or iron kiku, asking $15 shipped.

    4 meters of new grey-tetsu silk ito, 4mm width for katana, asking $40 shipped.

    One copper based fuchi kash set in mokko kamon, fuchi measures 35 x 23mm, kashira measures 32 X 15.5mm, sized for wakizashi or tanto. Asking $25 shipped.

    Three sets of menuki, one set of alloy dragons, one large set of alloy dragons (gold painted) and one set of brass peony. Asking $5 a set.

    Six sets of gold shitodome, $5 a set or $20 for all of them.

    Lastly, a brass habaki in Shonai design by me, katana sized, asking $20.

    Will sell the lot for $140 shipped CONUS. Paypal only.
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    Ito sold, willing to offer deals on multiples purchased...

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    Green saya, two tsuba, habaki and seppa sold. That leaves the blue saya, fuchi kash, all the menuki and shitodome left. How about $70 for all that's left?


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