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Thread: Acceptable Hulu Restoration Method?

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    Acceptable Hulu Restoration Method?

    Hello all, I am working on a Balinese (?) keris, and I have an interesting problem with the hulu.
    The keris tang was wrapped with several layers of thin cloth, tied off with string, and all very old,
    actually brittle. This took up the large amount of room left in the hole in the hulu, which is half again
    the size of the tang. What is an acceptable method to make a safe, secure wrap to take that room up
    once more? I was thinking of jute twine slathered with pine tar. Is this OK or should I go with a less
    ad hoc method.
    On an interesting side note, I followed some good advice while cleaning this kris and used kitchen powder
    to clean corrosion off the blade, and this blade literally stank. It had a fishy, sulphury odor almost like
    sewage. It went away when I cleaned the blade, but it was very weird. Has anyone ever run into a
    stinky kris like that?
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