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Thread: FS: Paul Chen Tori XL Light and Tanto

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    FS: Paul Chen Tori XL Light and Tanto


    I am selling a Paul Chen Tori Elite XL light Katana and Tori Tanto set. These have never been used, just set up on display. Both of the blades are forged and folded with Gorgeous Hada and Hamon. The one and only flaw is that the Katana's saya has a small dent (about 3mm). No damage through the paint and only noticeable when inspecting the saya close up.

    New at the least expensive online retailers the Katana is $933 and the Tanto is $534. I am asking $1050 for the pair with extremely well packed free shipping to the Continental US.
    Please PM me for more pictures or questions and I will email them to you.

    Tsuka (handle): 11.2", Brown leather ito wrap w/black Same. Double peg.

    Fittings: Tsuba (guard) 3.5" X 3.3" has a flaying crane and plant theme. Versions of the plant are printed on the Kashira and Fuchi. The flowers on the plants are inlaid with various brown and silver metal speckles.

    Saya: 32". Rattan wrapped gloss black for the first foot or so and then dark brown textured semi gloss.
    The Koiguchi, Kurikata (3.1" placement from Koiguchi) and Kojiri are all unpainted dark brown horn. The koiguchi seal fits excellent and is neither too tight or too loose. The seal on the Tanto fits well but is on the looser end.

    Blade: Exactly 28" to the hibaki with Bo Hi extending past the yokote. The Kisaki (tip) is about 2" from the yokote (temper line). Sori is 1.2"
    Gorgeous blade with very visible Hada throughout and Notare style wave Hamon.


    Tsuka Just under 5" with white Same. The Same seam is visible on the Ura (right) side. Riding stirrup Menuki, and a similar plant themed kashira, both with brass detail.

    Tsuba Small tanto style 2.1"x1.5" with same plant theme.

    Saya All textured brown with bone kurikata and koiguchi. The Kojiri is rounded, without bone.

    Blade 11" to Hibaki or 12" if you include it. No Yakote (temper line), Bo Hi extends about half of the length of the blade. The Hada on this is amazing! Even better than the Katana.
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    Edit: I took the wrong measurement for the Sori. Actual is just under 1".

    I will sell the Katana for $750 and Tanto for $350 separate

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    Pm sent

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    Dropping the price to $1,000 for the pair.

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    Tanto sold

    Tanto has sold. Dropping the price on the Tori Katana to $700.00

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    Just sent you a PM...

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    Pm sent

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    Has anyone heard back from this seller?

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    Sold. Sorry for the delay on deleting, I was receiving payments on the item and didn't want to list it as sold until everything went through.

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