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Thread: FOR SALE: Jin Shi Han Dynasty Jian

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    FOR SALE: Jin Shi Han Dynasty Jian

    Bought one year ago. Admired the beauty of the blade. Been sitting in it's original shipping box ever since. Still has shipping oil on the blade. Basically brand new. GENUINE DOUBLE HAMON.

    Sword can be seen on the Sword Buyers Guide website. Can't put a link up as I am a newbie

    Bought for $550

    $400 is the asking price

    Can be contacted at All inquiries and questions welcome

    I am in Camden, NSW
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    is this still available?

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    Yes it is! I have had several inquiries, but am awaiting a final offer.

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    Apologies--I had confused this listing for a JinShi Dao I made a few days ago. Please disregard my previous message and sorry for the confusion, Ryan.

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