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Thread: For Sale: Albion SL Vinland (UK)

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    For Sale: Albion SL Vinland (UK)

    Hello all,

    I am regretfully selling my Albion Vinland. Only received this sword 3 weeks ago and it has been in the box mostly and I have not used it for any cutting, the only thing I have done is give it a wipe and quick oil so it comes new as it did from Albion sharpened and faultless. My reason for sale is because I have decided to invest in HEMA equipment and therefore blunt training weapons. May be interested in trading (only blunts) just ask me. The sword cost me £495.6 including shipment from Albion Europe so I will be asking for £450 as it is literally unused +£10 for postage UK (more internationally) so think of it as a 'new' Vinland which is a tad bit cheaper than getting it from Albion Europe and you'll get it quicker too!


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    This is some information from Albion's website if you don't know the sword:

    This historical Viking sword is referred to as a Type R hilt in Petersen's Typology, due to the distinctive five-lobed pommel and straight flaring guard. Archaeo-logical find places for this Viking sword hilt form date from the 10th century.

    The hilt components of the Vinland Viking sword are investment cast in mild steel from original waxes carved by Leif Hansen under the direction of Peter Johnsson, based on Peter's first-hand examination and documentation of original historical swords of this type.

    The blade of this historical sword is classified as a Geibig Type 3 (which some consider a sub-classification of the Oakeshott Type X), hand-ground from high-carbon steel to a fine satin finish, heat-treated by hand for maximum flexibility and to take a fine edge.

    Overall length: 36.875" (94 cm)
    Blade length: 30.875" (78 cm)
    Blade width: 2.2" (6 cm)
    CoB: 6.125" (16 cm)
    CoP: 20.25" (51 cm)
    Pivot Point: 21" (53 cm)
    Weight: 2.375 lbs (1.1 kilos)

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    Bump! Sword still not sold!

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