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Thread: FS:katana W2

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    price reduction for the katana 27.17"
    time reduction is limited to Sunday 28 June $1000

    shipping cost $50

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    katana 27.17" sold
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    Someone got a great deal! That was a hell of a sword for way less than it was worth. Ask przemek to make you a tsuba I have been happy with mine.

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    Thanks Matt, its on its way and I'm pretty psyched. I should have asked Przemek to do a tsuba and I was pretty tempted by the one on his website but I have Josh Smith working on one thats similar to a piece on Anthony DiCristofano's site.

    Thanks Przemek! I see its in the states now.

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    It also reduces the price for my last katana
    I guess I'll have another until January
    reduction to Sunday for katana 28 3/4 $1200 +shipping $50
    The price includes shirsaya and habaki

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    a completed sale
    Ad is not valid
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