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Thread: Pieces of Lammelar Armour bought in Tibet

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    Pieces of Lammelar Armour bought in Tibet

    hello everyone i have recently bought this piece of lammelar armour and some spare scales in a old shop in a village on the chinese side of the china - tibet border.
    any info you may give me is appreciated
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    Lacing looks new. Scales look authentic. Makes for a nice change from the usual fake lamellar I see.

    Two things you might be interested in:

    1. Re-lacing in authentic style
    2. Cleaning, polishing, and etching a scale to see if that gives clues as to how it's made.

    If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Met Museums online stuff on Tibetan armours. The print book is an excellent resource.
    "In addition to being efficient, all pole arms were quite nice to look at." - Cherney Berg, A hideous history of weapons, Collier 1963.


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