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    Hi guys, new to forum and first post.

    Joined for my love of Japanese swords, and have a good interest in others.

    Something I'm currently looking for is a Mon for the saya of my production katana.

    Ones I've seen so far are a polyvinyl sticker, and from the photos look pretty good, but I'm worried they might loook too much like a sticker. Anyone have any experience with these and how they look?

    Are there different formats available? Perhaps as leaf metal transfers or thin brass sheet cut outs?

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    I've never used them personally, so I can't speak from experience, but so long as the sticker is thin enough it shouldn't pose a problem.

    The best finish would probably be achieved by applying a layer of clear-coat over the top. This is the method usually used on carbon fibre bicycle frames and components. The end result (when done properly) is seamless and most people would never know that they were looking at decals rather than paint.

    I've never seen pre-cut gold leaf (I presume that it would likely be too delicate).


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