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Thread: Wilkinson Royal Naval Sword Info Help

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    Wilkinson Royal Naval Sword Info Help

    I have this Wilkinsons Royal Navy Officers sword I believe its genuine but there is no serial number present or it has been ground off?
    As a newbie I thought I'd post it here in the hope that I might find out more about it. Am I right in believing it is a current issue ER11 sword?
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    Any help much appreciated
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    The serial number appears to have been mostly removed. What etching is on the blade? The crown in the guard appears to be ERII

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    Hi Will
    Yes that's pretty much what I thought ERll ,the blade is not etched.
    I wondered if the impressed letter looks like e or number3 to the under side of the guard is of any significance (photo #5)?
    Apologies in advance for any technical errors. ..
    Thanks for looking kind regards Pete.

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    Was having the serial number ground away a common practice for some reason or another? . I know from a collector's view it reduces the value of the sword. Offhand, the only reason I can think of for doing it would be to prevent possible identification of a stolen weapon ?
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    Numbers are not usually ground off, Ralphs idea is sound. The number 3 I do not know and can only guess as an inventory number if the sword was a previous issue weapon rather than privately purchased. With no etching on the blade it may be the case trying to lower cost on a bulk order.
    I'm sure Robert has a better answer.


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