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Thread: Need to ID so I can restore

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    Need to ID so I can restore


    I have 1 tracing of the Alex Coppel saber that was given to me. The person that gave it to me said that they had received it from someone else who had taken it apart to restore it and then promptly lost the various pieces. I did take the time to search this forum in an attempt to find what it was I have, but nothing seemed to be close. Therefore, could you please take a look and help me identify this saber so that I can restore it. I know it is slightly rusted and may not be worth the effort, but it is to me. I specifically need help in determining which hilt and pommel it use to have on it. Also, I have a friend who has a buffing wheel (scotch-bright disk?) that is used to buff jewelry and thought I would use it to help get some of the rust off of it.

    What is also confusing is that I thought I had a close match, but the length was off by several inches. Here is what I have:

    Length (Tip to Tang): 37 1/4 inches
    Length (Tip to start of blade): 31 1/3 inches
    'M' stamped on the spine

    I have a few pictures, but I am waiting for them to upload to my cloud drive..

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