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Thread: A Wilkinson sword enquiry.

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    A Wilkinson sword enquiry.

    I was recommended to this sight as a place where knowledge exists and is readily shared.
    The sword I have recently acquired is marked wilkinson and the previous owner was under
    the impression that this was a Gurkha engineers sword. I am unconvinced of the name on the sword
    or its use. I did initially assume it was a poor copy but given its a QE2 sword and has had a life
    I'm not so sure, possibly an Indian copy to save the owner money? The sword has an 82cm blade
    and the scabbard is Sam Browne. Please see photos for marks.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Barry this is a good Wilkinson sword. The bomb in the etching suggests artillery. What does it say above that etching if anything?

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    I agree with Will, a good sword. Ubique was used by both the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers and Military Engineers as a motto. So with the kukri etching I think that the previous owner war probably correct in his attribution.
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    Thanks Guy,
    Your and will's prognosis has cheered me up no end.

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    Cheers Will,
    There is only 6 inches of engraving above the bomb mark, same on both sides.
    Thank you for your help.


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