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    Oni Katana

    Does anyone have experience or thoughts on this particular offering by Hanwei?
    I bought one from Kult of Athena and took it to Raphael K. From Martial arts of the Valley store in Burbank CA. He said it had several issues that were mostly cosmetic but one possibly that could be bad in regards to the temper line looked different colors in some places and his worry was that it may have been heat treated poorly. It also has two almost chip looking anomalies that were a result of poor grinding. I asked KOA if this was a returned sword and they said no. The Tsuba was very discolored and took some time with brasso to bring it back decently. Raphael contacted a friend in Hanwei and she contacted the quality control guy and they all seemed to agree it was a little off but that this was almost the expected quality coming out of them at this time with this particular crew. Also the kissaki has a rather noticeable bump from poor pushing / shaping.
    Hanwei offered to contact KOA for me but since I was in contact with a rep from them I though it would be sorted. Kult of Athena basically told me so many contradictory things it was interesting. They say they have a great return policy but when you read their fine print it basically says your an idiot if you think any sword is going to be perfect and even after I spoke with a professional about my sword and relayed that info to the rep I got no approval for a return/ exchange!
    Besides that crap I'm starting Shinkendo on Tuesday and will give this sword a proper review after I'm comfortable doing some cutting.. I'm hoping to do a video with it ..
    So just looking for opinions and constructive thought. My future Sensei said he'd look at it at the next class when I formally start. So more to come. I do like the sword it is beautiful just wish some things had been done better especially for the price. Thx!

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    I do believe, for the price of the Oni, it should be in near perfect condition. I would make them send another after they've allied some QA/QC to it.

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    Thank you. Those were my feelings as well. Kult of Athena screwed the pooch..

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    I had a bad experience with the QA/QC from Kult of Athena on a Tiger Katana so I know where you're coming from.


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