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Thread: Could anyone date this please

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    Could anyone date this please

    Greetings all - I have been buying at Cape Town auctions again and this was one of the items. Unfortunately is has some serious wear on the one side of the grip. Any idea on the date of this one and would it have been an NCO or Officers sword?
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    Royal Artillery officers used the 1822 pattern light cavalry officer's sword. This one is post 1850s when the original pipe backed blade was replaced with the fullered blade. Your sword is for an officer as I don't see any issue stamps which could indicate an issue sword for NCOs. Wickipedia has an entry for Forfar and Kincardine Artillery Militia. This became a Garrison Artillery Militia in 1902 and was disbanded in 1909. The first reference (Bezdec) I can find for Hobson and Sons at Lexington St and Golden Square is for 1887 so I would date your sword anywhere from 1887 to 1902.
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    Many thanks Guy -First time I have seen a Hobson without the numbered street address in Lexington.

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    Subsequent to Guys response, I found this additional info. "The 1st Artillery Volunteer Corps in Forfar was originally formed at Arbroath in Scotland in 1859. In 1880 the Brigade became the 1st Forfar Artillery Volunteers. In 1908, as a result of the re-organisation of the Territorial Force, they became part of the North Scottish Royal Garrison Artillery and a Battery of the 210 Highland Brigade Royal Field Artillery. " Cheers Alf


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