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Thread: Help with distributor and forge please

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    Help with distributor and forge please

    I have been a long time user of this forum but have been absent for almost a decade. Unfortunately my iai kata has been languishing for the same amount of time. I have recently begun to work my way back into it but since I have been gone so long it appears that the manufacturing landscape has changed a bit.
    I own and use a PC practical katana as well as a PC practical pro elite. I owned at one time a HC L6 katana custom made for me but was forced to sell it 8 years ago.
    I am looking for a 28-29" blade with an 11-12 inch handle in the 2.5 pound range for iaido and light to medium cutting. For now I would like to spend 400-800 US on the sword. I have looked at and read reviews for the Ronin forge and am obviously well acquainted with the Hanwei sword line.
    What would you folks suggest for a new sword and where should I purchase it from?
    I have unfortunately seen some bad reviews from Kult of Athena as well as the PC/Hanwei sword site.
    Any and all comments are welcome.
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