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Thread: Katana Storage Question

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    Katana Storage Question

    Is it ok to keep my katana oiled in the plastic sleeve it came with from the seller?
    Also how often should I clean and oil my katana if it's not being used, and in storage?

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    I removed the plastic wrap from my Katana as the oil was quite heavy,I wiped it down good then used alcohol to finish cleaning the blade,a very light coat of 3 in one oil or mineral oil should safe guard your blade.
    Think the consensus on checking your sword will depend on humidity levels. But I would check it at least every 3 months.
    Ya know your going to want pull it out and look at anyhow

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    I would recommend against storing in plastic anything as a general rule, as it would trap in any humidity. Laurence's maintenance advice is pretty much spot on, I don't oil my unused swords that often though but that's just me.
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