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Thread: Wanted - Starfire Swords steel products

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    Wanted - Starfire Swords steel products

    Looking to buy used Starfire Swords steel products of all kinds. They do not have to be in great shape, just safe to fight with.

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    one on the bay today chap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee O. View Post
    one on the bay today chap.
    Yeah, I think that one has been up there forever since the seller wants four times the 'new' price for a used item.

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    I've two Starfire broadswords, numbers 835 and 836 in very good shape, leater grips and wire trim sound and leather is dark green. Blades have some staining but in very good condition. They have been used for practice. Can send pics, Make offer.
    Jerome Kristjanson 907-723-2863



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