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Thread: Military sabre ID please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen C. View Post
    Total length on the Horstmann is 33 3/4" with the blade 27 1/4". That actually seems pretty reasonable to me, pinching the quillion block using the pas de ane for steerage.. A sword that first struck me as tiny when first viewed in person were the German civil degen but I guess I has just gotten accustomed to the size surprise when first we meet I have a slotted hilt spadroon with a 32"blade that is too small for me to hold in a hammer grip but electing more of a smallsword grip, it fits fine (I have quite large hands). That fighting sword has a hilt shorter than the numbers of the sword above.


    Hotspur; photos always make things seem bigger if there is nothing there to guaged the dimension
    Hi Glen,
    Thanks for that, I wonder if Giles sword is a similar size?
    So the hilt is 6 1/2" overall? That's a fair bit more than the similar sword that I have.
    Which is 31" overall with a 26 1/2" blade.
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    Hello again chaps, i'm back home now, and have a few more pictures and measurements of the smallsword.
    I've also found another picture of the spine of the sabre, which has this marking on it:
    Just a quick Google suggests a Swedish/Norwegian sword..can anyone confirm this? of the smallsword, and some measurements:
    Overall-33.5" Hilt-5.5" Blade-28"
    I don't have particularly large hands (size 9/10 glove) It is not very comfortable in a hammer grip, but it is perfectly useable in other grips, and it is a very nimble little sword. I retract my previous statement about not being much use in a real fight, as long as the other guy has a smallsword too!
    There is a small '43' marked on the scabbard, which definitely belongs with the sword.....Any clues?
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    Oh, and thank you so much for all the information so far....This forum is great!

    I wonder if I should have started a separate thread for the smallsword, so It is not missed under the Sabre title.
    Admin.....could you help there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giles Kirby View Post
    Oh, and thank you so much for all the information so far....This forum is great!
    Hi Giles
    That's put it into context nicely for me thanks.
    Your grip looks to be 4" inbetween the bars of the knucklebow.
    That would be right I would say for a small civil service/court sword sized hilt.

    I misjudged the scale from the first picture and thought it was the same size as mine.
    Between the bars of the knucklebow on mine is 2 3/4".

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    No problem Gene, I think my example is about as small as you could practicably go for a useable adult sword. Maybe yours really is a boys sword? I've just been looking at the ricasso of the Horstman example. Has this been ground down and re-stamped? It looks like it has been, on both sides if you look at the pictures...

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