I am looking to buy a long katana with a nagasa/blade length of AT LEAST 32 inches or 81 cm.
Preferably through hardened without bo-hi from a decent maker like Ronin katana, Dynasty forge, Huawei etc.
Differentially hardened blades and blades with bo-hi will definitely still be considered though.
Bare blades, half-finished projects, shirasaya etc. are all fine, I need at least the blade and if possible also the saya and habaki.
It's no problem if the blade is lightly used or has some light rust etc. as long as the blade is in sound structural order.

Please note that I live in The Netherlands, Europe, so the blade will probably have to be shipped internationally.

My budget is roughly around 300 Euro / 300 US Dollar.

Let me know if you have something lying around.