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Thread: Hanwei 30th Anniversary Forge-Folded Musashi Katana - Nakago

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    Hanwei 30th Anniversary Forge-Folded Musashi Katana - Nakago

    Hi All - First post here. Several years using a wooden bokken in Takenouchi Hangan Ryu Iaido (Matsuno Crandall) & Toyama Ryu Batto-do (Demura) and recently acquired a Hanwei 30th Anniversary Forge-Folded Musashi Katana. I'm just admiring it for now, but removed the tsuka to look at the nakago. It took a lot of tapping on the seppa to ease off, and it seems the holes drilled in the nakago were to blame. I gently filed them down, applied some Eezox anti-corrosive and replace the tsuka.

    I'm not asking for a translation, but just wondering what the mei inscriptions are to the upper right of the image vs those between the two mekugi ana holes?

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    Well, silly me! I was so intent on seeing Kanji that I didn't observe that the inscriptions are "6JNWZ" and a three digit number. The number on the nakago corresponds to the same number inside the neck of the saya, but is different from the XXX/250 number on the habaki. True for two examples of this model.


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