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Thread: Maratha Dynasty Silvered Tulwar

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    Maratha Dynasty Silvered Tulwar

    Maratha Dynasty Silvered Tulwar

    This is a lovely sword but it doesn't fit into my collection at the moment so I'd like to move it on to someone who'll appreciate it more than I do. It has a chiselled hilt with a thick layer of what seems to be silver, most of which is still present.
    The slender blade appears to be crucible steel (crystalline wootz?) and tapers from a wide ricasso. It's still quite sharp and there is a scarf weld visible a few inches from the hilt. It's a light sword, nimble and good in the hand, yet all solid and firm. I find it hard to date tulwar but I'd say this was from the late 18th to the early 19th century.

    If you want to know more there are further photos and a short discussion about this sword in this SFI thread.

    I'm asking for £195, plus whatever Special Delivery costs or you're most welcome to pick it up from my house in Wokingham, Berkshire.

    (Over 18s only, of course.)

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    I would like this please,PM sent.

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    Provisionally sold, thank you.


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