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Thread: For sale: Prussian infantry sword c.1720

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    For sale: Prussian infantry sword c.1720

    I offer for sale a German or Prussian infantry sword early 1700's, could this sword have seen service in the Great Northern Wars of 1700 to 1721 against Sweden?

    Highly ornate brass hilt, guard consisting of 'bone joints' and twist bars, attaching to an asymmetrical, double dish, shell guard and globular pommel. A thumb ring guard is also present.

    The grip is wooden, nicely bound in brass grip wire, secured by a ferrule at each end. There is no movement between hilt and blade.

    The almost straight/slightly curved blade measures 33.5 inches long and has a deep single fuller and a false double edge towards the tip. The blade is remarkably sharp.

    Some wonderful etching remains: A bird in flight can clearly be seen at the ricasso and "the hand of God" emerging from a cloud holding a scimitar (a Solingen blade maker's mark perhaps?)

    There is some Latin script on the blade, but it is well rubbed and I cannot read it.

    I am wanting GBP£1,300 plus posting costs for this sword.
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    I am reducing the price of this very rare, early Northern European sword to GBP £1,100 plus posting costs.


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    Hi Michael

    Yes, it is the same sword featured on my website.


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    Interesting sword Stuart looks like A Walloon sword but with curved blade fitted and looking at blade length I would have thought Cavalry not Infantry.


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    Thanks Mike. Yes, I must concede the blade length suggests a cavalry sword rather than infantry.

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    I am lowering the price to £995 plus posting costs.

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    A quick bump.

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    Quite a big saving from the original price, you will see.

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    The price is now £895 plus posting costs.

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    A 'bump' for the New Year.

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    This wonderful sword is still available.

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    A 'bump' for this fine sword.

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    Lowering the price to GBP £850 plus posting costs.

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    This sword could be Austro-Hungarian(?) I don't know for sure ... but prepared to do a very good deal on it. Please feel free me to contact me to discuss

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    Offering free post worldwide on this very rare sword.

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    Friendly bump for this fine sword.

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    Price now is GBP£ 800 and free shipping worldwide. Buy now and get this wonderful sword before Christmas!

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    Sold pending payment.

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    Now sold.


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