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Thread: WTS: Jin-Shi aka Garrett Chan Han Jian

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    WTS: Jin-Shi aka Garrett Chan Han Jian

    I'm selling an authentic Jin-Shi Han Jian from Garrett Chan. Blade made of T-10 tool steel, folded and differentially hardened, giving it a beautiful hamon. The jian is very well balanced and quick despite being a longer jian. It is easily used as a one-handed jian but has plenty of hilt length to allow two-handed use.

    Garrett hasn't been making these famed, well-reviewed jian for some time now. I am selling this one (and eventually a few other jian) because I am gearing up to work with a swordsmith on a custom-commissioned jian, and the significant other required me to reduce my collection for that project happen.

    I have only used the jian for cutting once, and there is absolutely no damage from use. I keep all my jian cleaned and oiled with pure camellia oil (you can see the oil in the pics, hence the little bits and greasiness in some pics). There is one area on the blade with 4 or 5 very small (2mm) lines in a series that appear to be scuffs; I was informed that they are probably from scabbard rubbing and should buff out if you wish to do so.

    Other disclosure, the original scabbard for my jian got damaged when it was initially shipped to Garret, so he gave me a different scabbard. Due to that, if you sheath the blade one way, it leaves a millimeter gap on one side of the guard, but if you sheath it the other way it sits with barely a gap. This in no way impacts how perfect the blade is itself.

    Message me to a link to bigger pics.

    Asking price $375 plus shipping OBO. Rough shipping estimate is $25 for UPS ground but will vary with your location.

    Original emails documenting the original purchase and warranty available upon request to purchaser.

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