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Thread: Loose blade?

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    Loose blade?

    I'm looking for an English cavalry blade for a sword of mine. My sword has a German blade from the 1820s or so mounted in an English hilt ca. 1780.
    Here's specifically what I'm after: 33"+, single edged, preferably curved, fullered or unfullered, English military cav blade from the later 1700s.
    Anyone have one that they'd like to sell? ... I didn't think so, but it can't hurt to ask!
    Thanks! --ElJay

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    I have a 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers blade 36-38 inches in length with thick and thin fullers. It appears to have been married to an 18th/19th Indian basket hilt. I have quite a few British Georgian blades married to Tulwar type hilts but this one is wrong as this hilt has epoxy resin and a new rivet with faux leather grip material. The basket hilt and blade are original but the marriage is wrong.

    pics show it compared to a standard 1788 LC Trooper.
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    Hello Martin,
    Well, that's exactly the sort of thing that would work for my hilt. However, the one you've shown now has a rivet hole that would need to be plugged, and the pitting/wear on the blade would not be a good match for my hilt, which has been overcleaned, but does not have deep pitting.

    Thanks for the offer, though!


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