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Thread: Katana and iaito for sale

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    Katana and iaito for sale

    I am selling two of my favorite swords. I am selling them because I just finished college and I was going to school on the GiBill. Now that I am done with school I have no more income. I am currently looking for a job but have not found one yet. I am selling these to help me pay my rent and other bills.

    First one I have for sale is my very first custom sword I ever bought. I designed it after the original ninja gaiden game dragon katana. It has a sori for about 1/8 of an inch. The sakihaba is .93 the motohaba is 1.25 inches. The nagasa is 27 and 5/8". The tsuka is 12". The ito is blue cotton and the blade is folded 1075 with a bohi and a dragon engraved into the blade. The blade has a tradition polish and has a nice hamon. I am looking to get $1000.00 obo. The sword has never been used for training or cutting. It has been kept in a dust free case and is still in like new condition.

    The iaito I have for sale is a Kanesafa Shinto Higo Koshirae from I bought the sword new about 2 years ago. The tsuka is 11" and the nagasa is 28 1/2. The sakihaba is 1" and the mokohaba is 1.27. I am looking to get 1100 obo for this sword. I have used the sword mostly for about 6 months and then stopped because I switched sword styles and in my new one they do not allow training with iaito swords.

    photos of the swords can be found here

    thanks and if you have any questions please let me know.

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    Price drop 800 for the katana

    1000 for the iaito

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    750 for katana 950 iaito

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    Price drop on katana 680 with free shipping.

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    640 for katana with shipping.

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    600 for katana and 900 for iaito

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    550 for the katana and 850 for the iaito. Also open to offers that are close to my asking price. I really need to sell these to help with my bills on the 1st.

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    500 for katana and 800 for iaito. Free shipping for both with in the 48.

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    450 for katana and 750 for iaito

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    400 katana 700 iaito. Free shipping for both

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    375 for katana 650 for iaito

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    350 for katana 600 for iaito

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    Is the Iaito still available?

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    Hi Jesse, Please clear some of your PM's. Your box is full and you can't accept anymore private messages.

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    Yes I still have the iaito

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    PM sent.....

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    I will take it for $600 shipped. Left and sent a message on your inbox.

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    Miscommunication with Rod. Iaito and katana both still for sale. Free shipping on katana not iaito.

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    Also willing to now trade for a skyjiro hanabira katana for the dragon katana.

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    325 for katana and 580 for iaito. Free shipping on katana. Buyer pays for shipping on iaito. If you live close to San Diego you pick up in person and save on shipping.

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    300 for katana and 550 for iaito. Same rules for shipping.

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