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Thread: Katana and iaito for sale

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    Which company made the Katana for you?

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    I honestly don't remember. I bought it about 12 years ago. At the time I bought it, I didn't know a whole lot about swords. I just knew that I wanted a custom sword. A friend of mine recommend a sword maker in China and gave me his email address. I wrote him and worked out the details on what I wanted. He gave me a certificate but it's in Chinese and I have no idea what it says.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    Do you still have the Katana Jesse?

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    Yes both swords are still for sale.

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    Katana is sold!

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    Bumb on the iaito

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    This week only, 500 for iaito. Buyer pays half shipping.

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    Price back to 550 with buyer paying for shipping. Also I have gotten a few offers for less then 550, I will not go below this price. This iaito is 1800 so I'm losing out on 1250 dollars. Would be willing to trade for something though, trade value is a 1000.

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    Any interest in the iaito at 470 with me paying half the shipping cost?

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    I was selling this iaito for so cheap because I was in a jam and needed the money. I no longer am in desperate need of funds so I'm no longer willing to sell it that cheap. The price is now at 800 with buyer paying shipping.

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    Some stuff just got real and I need to get 648 dollars in 48 hours. I am willing to sell the iaito for 400 with the buyer paying for shipping (about 25 to 30 dollars to most states) but only for the next 48 hours. I am in a real jam so I really hope that someone will jump on this soon. You would be getting a great iaido and would really be helping me out.

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    Iaito is now SOLD Finally! Thanks all to those for looking.

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