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Thread: FS: Customised Kami by Erik Verhagen

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    FS: Customised Kami by Erik Verhagen

    This one-of-a-kind piece is a Paul Chen / Hanwei Kami customised by Erik Verhagen in the Netherlands.

    Erik’s work on this piece included lacquering the original red saya to dark brown and relaquering with clear cashew for a rich finish; adding black same and brown real leather ito; and changing the tsuba for a Bugei limited edition thundergod / Raijin tsuba, which has some wonderful detailing on both the ura and omote sides.

    Along with my photos, Erik’s original thread about this piece contains a link to some much better pics which give a different sense of the colour scheme:

    Hanwei’s original description for the Kami includes:

    “The Hanwei Kami Katana features a hand-forged and folded K120C powder steel blade with a long (o) kissaki featuring a hand engraved 'Fudo' Horomono and Bo-Hi. The folding process creates exceptional hada, or grain pattern, along the blade accentuated by the distinctive hamon.”

    One of the more sought-after of the Hanwei line, the kami is now no longer in production. The last Hanwei catalog I have lists it as having a suggested retail price of US$1995.

    I find the weight, balance, and handling this piece to be beautiful. While some katana can feel ‘dead’ in the hand, and others too ‘floaty’, this one has a very nice, serious blade presence combined with an aliveness. I’ve not cut with the blade, and only gently dry-handled it.

    Overall, the piece is in very good condition, with a firm fit at the koiguchi. However, there are three flaws. First, there are two small sections of the saya body, where the laquer has come off. One is approx. 4mm long, and the other 6mm. I’ve captured these in the photos, although being close-ups, they do make the missing lacquered sections look larger than they are. There is also a small scratch next to these. These could be left as-is, or fixed with a judicious touch-up with laquer and/or matching paint.

    Second, there are some fine scratch marks at the kissaki. It also looks like the very final ½ mm or so of the tip may be missing. I’ve tried to show both of these in the photos, but it was hard to capture the detail. It looks to me like the previous owner may have accidentally dinged the tip, and then tried to repolish it, but I don’t know, and he didn’t mention it to me when I bought the piece.

    Both of these are probably more cosmetic flaws rather than something that would affect performance. Given the blade’s initial value, and the work that Erik put into it, it wouldn’t be unjustified to have the tip repolished … otherwise, like me, you could leave it as-is to show something of the history of the piece.

    Third, with a couple of trips around the world during its life, through changes in temperature and humidity, this piece has previously had some slight colourisation to the steel. This was not full-blown rust, and there is no pitting. I’ve treated it with both Noxon and a very light application of Autosol to return the blade to its original stunning finish, but this piece is one for those who know how to maintain swords properly, and not just put in a cupboard and forget. I’d recommend the lucky new owner give the piece a thorough clean-down upon receipt, and then regular uchiko and oiling until the steel ‘settles in’ to your climate.

    This blade is located in New Zealand. I will ship anywhere internationally either via New Zealand Post or courier, with full insurance, at cost.

    Cost for the piece is US$950; payment is via PayPal.

    I’m happy to answer questions from interested parties via PM here.

    Despite the flaws detailed above, this piece is a stunner and deserves to go to an appreciative new home.

    Thanks for looking!

    Mark T

    PS Given SFI's preference for limited photos, please PM me if you'd like me to email more pics. Thanks.
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    This stunning piece is still for sale!

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    You got a pm!

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    This wonderful customised Kami is still available. Please feel free to shoot my any questions via PM.

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    This piece is still available ... I'm need to make room, and am keen for this to go to an appreciative home!

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    Bump ... and a price drop to $925.

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    Still for sale. Please PM if you have any questions.

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    Still available!


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