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Thread: FS: Swordstore Steel Iaito (shinken)

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    FS: Swordstore Steel Iaito (shinken)

    Nagasa: 30.5"
    Tsuka: 10.25"

    This is Swordstore's 'batto' model, featuring a nice forward balance designed with cutting in mind. I am offering to sell it for a former aikido sensei of mine. He purchased this second-hand years ago for use in tameshigiri, but never really got much chance to use it. I've done one test cut with this to assess its sharpness, and it still cuts very well.

    The sword features a nice waisted tsuka with green silk wrap, and a green and brown woven sageo. The habaki is silver. The saya has an exceptional fit to the blade, one of the best I've personally used. It has been updated with a lacquered paracord wrap between the koiguchi and kurigata. It is worth noting that this was done purely as a cosmetic addition, and not added to correct any damage to the saya; it could easily be removed if desired.

    The tsuba had been replaced at some point in the past with one that was apparently thinner than the original. As a result, it had some play when I took possession of it; I've added additional seppa to help eliminate this, but it could stand to be replaced with a thicker tsuba.

    Pics at link below:

    Swordstore Steel Iaito (shinken)

    The asking price is $1000. As I am acting solely as a broker, any reasonable offers will be relayed to the owner. Please PM for questions or to request more detailed pictures.

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    Bump; willing to accept offers for a stout training blade.


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