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Thread: FS: Hanwei Tanto

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    FS: Hanwei Tanto

    Nagasa: 10"
    Tsuka: 4"

    I bought this on SFI a few years ago ( Aside from lacquering the same black, it is in essentially the same condition as when I bought it. My initial plan was to scrap the current fittings (the tsuka is rather small compared to the blade) and use this as a project blade, but it's just sat around since.

    There is a small mark on the omote side, towards the kissaki. I'm thinking a Flitz treatment would probably take it out, but it's not that noticeable. Note that I no longer have the wood case and bag shown in the pictures; they are not included.

    Pics at link below:

    Hanwei Tanto

    Price is $100 obo, shipped CONUS only. Please PM for questions or to request more detailed pictures.

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    On hold pending payment

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